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4 channel digital PWM fan controller with PC control

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UltraMR [more infomation]
4 channel linear analog fan controller

  • Utilizes the LM317 for recommended 12W per channel
  • Vary your voltage between 7V to about 11V
  • Add switches to allow the UltraMR to have a
    12V override / Off / Variable Speed capability
  • Flexible package allow you to customise your UltraMR
For single & volume orders, email


UltraSI [more infomation]
Multi-purpose serial to parallel interface

  • Converts your HD44780 LCD Screen parallel interface to a serial interface
  • Use the UltraSI as a general purpose IO controller
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Multi-purpose voltage step-up circuit controller

  • Boost your power supply voltage up to 24V
  • Use the UltraVS to power Cold Cathode Tubes or overvoltage your fans
For single &volume orders, email